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Matt Hogstrom

Last week we continued to discuss our upcoming vote.  As I previously indicated, we’ve learned a lot since the community was initially formed and now that we’re at the end of the first year one of the items is to vote on the ZLC composition.  We realized that our initial documents didn’t adequately cover the dissolution and reformation of the ZLC.  Our current thought process is to update the founding documents with a better structured plan for restructuring the ZLC.  The initial ZLC was formed by two participants from each of the founding companies which gives the ZLC 6 seats.  To better structure the ZLC formation what we are planning on doing is:

Defer voting for 6 months to line up with the initial release of Zowe in February.
Structure the ZLC such that no more than two reps from any company can be seated on the committee.  (Not currently in the founding documents)
The seats on the ZLC will be for 1 or two year terms.  If there are two reps from the same company one seat will be two years and the other will be for one.
The community can nominate (or people can self-nominate) for the positions.
The entire ZLC will be reformed in February following these guidelines.

Our rationale is to build diversity in the ZLC and the community.  We feel that these changes will allow us to provide some stability as well as ensure diversity of membership with some safeguards on a single company having too many seats.  Defering the vote for a new ZLC allows us 6 months to pull in additional ISVs and interested parties and the updated charter will ensure better stability of the ZLC.

To restate the purpose of the ZLC.  It is intended as a body to help provide structure and a unified vision for Zowe.  Where projects might not be aligned on issues the ZLC can help to arbitrate and make a decision.  I is NOT intended to tell projects what they must work on but to set the direction for goals of the combined projects and a vision for the roadmap for Zowe across the projects.  The ZLC is also responsible, and most importantly, to ensure that IP, governance and other responsibilities to the OMP and the LF are fulfilled.

If you have questions / comments as we progress this discussion please respond to this thread.

We will have an updated charter in the next week or so and we will call a vote to update these documents in the next few weeks.

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