[DISCUSS] Updated Governance Documents and ZLC Succession Plan

Matt Hogstrom

We are preparing to setup a vote for the Zowe Project in accordance with the original charter we created last year when the project was open sourced.  Please review the following branches for changes to documents

Comments and questions can be directed to the mailing lists.

One area that we’ve been discussing at the ZLC is succession.  We’ve learned a lot this last year from the time we originally open sourced.  Some of the accomplishments and lessons learned (in no particular order):

* Break the CLI apart from the main Zowe release.  
* Learned the importance of constant communication.  I think this was not a lesson inasmuch as a better understanding at how to communicate openly as many of the participants work for companies accustomed to proprietary software.
* Realized the importance of considering existing users of z/OS systems and their unique process and support requirements.
* Registered the OpenMainframeProject with IBM as an ISV for z/OS software.
* Secured message IDs for ZWE and OMP prefixes to ensure consistent messages and naming
* Created the zowe-common-c project as a new project to reduce proprietary binaries
* Improved the ZWESIS by allowing multiple versions of Zowe to co-exist on a single z/OS instance (we prefer one but backwards compatibility is important)
* Added JWT support into the API Mediation Layer
* Worked collaboratively with the IBM z/OSMF team during architecture calls and as we factor in new capability.
* Discussed openly how Zowe can be architected to provide for a vendor neutral distribution for support services.
* Received a significant amount of media attention via the OMP media relations teams.
* Worked with Marist to bring our first z/OS system for community builds on real hardware (almost there) with the popular security managers ACF2, RACF and Top Secret each in their own instance.
* Migrated most of our resources to Linux Foundation infrastructure.
* Created extensions for VSCode to make accessing z/OS more intuitive (several folks use them internally at IBM and users keep asking to bring their own IDE.
* Understood from users that we needed to change our install / packaging and the CUPIDS team came together.

In all its been a really good year.

One area that has become clearer now is that we need some consistency at the top level as we continue to make a number of changes.  To aid in consistency we feel that rather than replacing the ZLC each year a staggered approach is a better alternative.  Please review and comment specifically on this document https://github.com/zowe/zlc/blob/20190418-process-updates/process/ZLC%20Succession%20Plan%20-%201.md

The unfortunate side effect is that the size of the ZLC will grow over the next few years and then provide a staggered approach to adding new members.  I have to give Tim Brooks a nod for the suggestion as it strikes a good balance between loss of continuity and growth of the community through diversity.  

We will be starting a community wide vote in a little over a week and will allow the voting to take place over a few days to allow for various timezones, vacations and the like.  We will tally and complete the voting prior to the face to face at Share for those that can attend.

More on the voting process to come this week as we’re still investigating a tool to facilitate the voting.

This thread is for discussion as a community.

Personally I’m very proud at what we’ve accomplished, how we’ve progressed and where we are going.  It’s an honor to work alongside everyone in the community.

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