Re: ZOWE on ZD&T (was Follow up to Membership Inquiry with the Open Mainframe Project)

Sebastian Welton

I have installed and run it successfully on zPDT and ZD&T although it wasn't an easy experience. Originally performance was quite slow but tuning of zOSMF helped and I suspect further Java tuning would also help. I also have customers now starting to use it on these platforms.

When I was doing it, I did come across the following 2 statements regarding it on these platforms:

We were informed that Zowe is not rated to run on the zPDT platform and are not pursuing this further at this point. Please let us know when Zowe is successfully running on zPDT and we reevaluate at that time.


Followed by:


We do have Zowe successfully running on zD&T platforms, although the Zowe components that use Java (the API mediation layer) encounter issues where because zD&T is emulation (Java) on top of emulation (z/OS instructions interpreted on x86) the performance is not production speed. We are aware of this and hoping to publish diagnostic and tuning information to help with getting optimal configuration of zD&T and also look at longer term ways to address the problem

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