[zowe-zlc] [VOTE] Promote RC2 (515) to 1.0.0 GA

Matt Hogstrom

I’m going to reset the voting for RC2 (515) promotion to GA 1.0.0.  It was discovered late yesterday that some testing on other z/OS configurations uncovered a potential issue.  The issue was related to the starting of ZWESIS01 as an STC and communication to ZSS for ACF2 and TSS security managers.  

The issue was a documentation problem that @mark ran into because the configuration for those security managers were not in the automation.  We have verified Zowe does work in those environments and the documentation has been updated.   There was no code changes so the existing source tarball and the convenience binary are untouched.

I’m cancelling this vote and wlll send out a new vote thread.

All community members will need to recast their vote to be counted for this release.

Thanks to Mark and Joe Winchester for angering through this last night.  Well done gents.

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On Feb 7, 2019, at 2:38 PM, Matt Hogstrom <matt@...> wrote:

ZLC member votes are binding, the community is encouraged and welcome to provide their votes as well. 

+1 you have reviewed the source release and tested the binary build and support moving RC2 to GA status

0 you have no opinion

-1 Do not release (please provide rationale

Matt Hogstrom
PGP Key: 0x90ECB270

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