OCT-1: Release Zowe Active Development Version (CLI)


Hi All,

Please vote in this thread to approve release of an offline installable  "Active Development" version of the Zowe CLI on the zowe.org website. This release mirrors the @zowe/cli we deploy to public NPM, and acts as a preview/validation for features which are backported into the Stable Zowe 1.x release line at a later date.

The release notes for this version of the CLI were amended for clarity since the last vote, and can be found here: https://github.com/zowe/docs-site/blob/active-dev-inprogress/docs/getting-started/summaryofchanges.md . 

+1 - In favor
+0 - No opinion
-1 - Dissent (Please provide reasoning).


My vote: +1 

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