Re: [Nomination Summary] Nakul Manchanda for App Committers

Nakul Manchanda

Thanks for vote guys.
Thanks Sean for re-organization work and nomination.

Always happy to contribute! Will continue to do the same.

Nakul Manchanda
Software Developer
IBM Systems

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Date:        2019-08-26 09:35 AM
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Hi all,

We've reached a majority vote with no objection (6/11), and Nakul has accepted his nomination.

The vote PASSES! Welcome Nakul Manchanda to the App Committers group!

Here are the people with binding votes:

1000TurquoisePogs +1






jordanfilteau1995 +1

lchudinov +1

rpenny125 +1

sakeerthy +1

toddwellman +1


Leanid Astrakou +1

Alvin Tan +1

Nolan Rogers +1

Sean Grady

Software Architect

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