[Vote] Web UI Squad Committer Reorganization

Sean Grady

Hi all. Consider this an overdue spring cleaning.

There has been discussion of consolidation of committer groups of the web UI squad down from over 25 to just 4.

The as-is problem is that committers rights are per-repo, so as we gain more apps, we gain more groups to manage, and there's enough collaboration going on now that having so many groups seems overkill.

Instead, I propose to group committer rights for the web ui squad to just 4 categories, and grow only as needed.

I'd like to kick off a vote on this new grouping which will end by EOD Tuesday

  1. Web Framework Committers: This is for the browser code that powers the framework.
  2. Server Framework Committers: This is for the server code that powers the framework.
  3. App Committers: This is for all of the Apps today. New & Existing apps can be reevaluated for separation of committers if they become too specialized later.
  4. ZSS Committers: This is ZSS and the libraries it depends on.

The big consolidation is that App committers can now work together more easily. Web & server framework committers already had overlap and zss had previously been just 2 repos.

Some repos are organizational, build-related, or shared such that they dont clearly belong in 1 group, and therefore could be shared amongst multiple groups.

Below is the organization I have come up with:
App: file-transfer-app sample-react-app sample-angular-app sample-iframe-app tn3270-ng2 vt-ng2 workshop-starter-app workshop-user-browser-app zlux-charts zlux-editor zlux-file-explorer zlux-file-properties zlux-widgets zlux-workflow zos-subsystems

Server FW: zlux zlux-build zlux-shared zlux-app-server  zlux-server-framework 

App FW: zlux zlux-build zlux-shared zlux-platform zlux-app-manager

ZSS: zowe-common-c zss

The following people are currently committers to these repos and therefore have binding votes:

Please vote with +1, 0, or -1. If your vote is not a +1, please indicate why so we can adjust if needed.

Alternatively, there are some people who have been less active lately. If you no longer wish to be a committer, then you don't need to vote but do tell us so that we can adjust the list.

If the vote is successful, I will make the groups with the previous members but would then like to kick off nominations post-organization so that we can continue to grow & cooperate.

Thank you,

Sean Grady

Software Architect

Rocket Software

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