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Matt Hogstrom


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On Jul 16, 2019, at 11:58 PM, Tim Brooks <tim.brooks@...> wrote:

Hi On-Boarding Squad Committers,
William Pereira has been very interested in the Zowe project since it was first introduced a year ago at SHARE. He has also made several contributions in the form presentations, posts and videos to help share the value of Zowe and drive it's adoption. He believes the Zowe framework helps make the next generation more productive on z/OS through cloud like interfaces and is especially interested in the CLI.
William is a z/OS Support Systems Programmer with GTS, is passionate about mainframe modernization, and I believe would make a great member of the on-boarding squad.
I would like to nominate William to be a committer for the on-boarding squad. If you accept his nomination I will move to a vote.
Please vote:
+1 accept nomination
0 Abstain or ask for calrification
-1 reject nomination
Tim Brooks
Associate Offering Manager - Zowe
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