Re: [VOTE] Promote RC2 (515) to 1.0.0 GA


No vote yet, but I want to expand on current ACF2/TSS status in relation to 1.0.0:

Since ZSS now requires SAF security definitions as part of the install, there are some gaps with respect to TSS and ACF2 systems.
1. Automated install only fully supports RACF. ACF2/TSS sites will not install smoothly like RACF; it will fail on ZSS server install. 
2. ZSS Manual install documentation is probably in need of a partial rewrite based on my experience with it in last 24 hours, and we critically need to add TSS/ACF2 commands so those users can install Zowe at all.

The question I have is - are these gaps show-stoppers for 1.0? Do we have any users running TSS/ACF2 that want to run with Zowe 1.0.0 right away?

My current expectation for remediation is:

1. Immediately improve documentation for manual install with ACF2/TSS securities. This can be done on a seperate lifecycle from the Zowe PAX & 1.0.0, since nothing will need ot change in binaries to support manual documentation. I expect to complete a manual install within a business day or two, and will use that experience to update the manual doc.

2. Target Zowe 1.0.1 in ~3-4 weeks to add TSS/ACF2 automation in install scripts. 


On Thu, Feb 7, 2019 at 2:38 PM Matt Hogstrom <matt@...> wrote:
ZLC member votes are binding, the community is encouraged and welcome to provide their votes as well. 

+1 you have reviewed the source release and tested the binary build and support moving RC2 to GA status

0 you have no opinion

-1 Do not release (please provide rationale

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