[VOTE] Adding Committers for App Framework & Apps

Sean Grady

Hi all... long overdue nomination coming through!
I'd like to kick off a vote for adding Leanid Astrokou (https://github.com/DivergentEuropeans) & Tim Gerstel (https://github.com/timgerstel) as committers to the following commit groups of the web ui squad: Apps, App Framework (Server), App Framework (UI)

Lenny & Tim have been working with me and others on the web UI squad since last year. During this time, they've gained a good understanding of how these parts of our codebase work, the practices we have during development of this code, and have been reviewing pull requests in a non-official manner. They've also been active in Slack in answering App Framework questions. Maybe they've helped you out before!

By now, I think they're Committer-ready and I'd like to make things official.
My hope is that by adding Lenny & Tim as Committers, we'll be able to review more effectively since previously if they did review, they still needed a Committer to do the final approval.

So, please join me in voting on this subject.
Below are the people who can make binding votes. I'll tally the votes at the end of the week or when they are complete.

App Framework (Server):

App Framework (UI):


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