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Tim Brooks

Thank you John! Looks great!
As we work on the next version of the Conformance Program lets take note we'll want to update the branding guidelines and conformance marks.
Do we want to try and have this new mark on the SHARE pres' next week?
Tim Brooks
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [zowe-dev] Final logo chosen by community
Date: Wed, Feb 19, 2020 7:38 AM
Zowe Community,
As you saw, there was a vote held within the community to choose the new logo for the Zowe project. This vote closed Thursday at 11:59pm ET - apologizes for the delay in getting these response out.
The overwhelming winner ( 2-1 margin over any other choice was... )
Zowe logo - community choice.png
We will work on getting multiple versions of this logo today, and will upload them to the artwork repo ( )
Thank you,
John Mertic
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