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John Mertic

Thank you for the nominations Matt!

On Wed, Feb 5, 2020 at 5:51 PM Matt Hogstrom <matt@...> wrote:
Is each commiter allowed to nominate only one person ?  It would seem like the nominee would declare their acceptance and intended term as opposed that being the responsibility of the commiter nominating them.

Although not clearly spelled out in the process it seems that we gather all the names, the nominees accept or decline and then we vote on the remaining set of the nominees that accept the nomination.  To me the term of service is more arbitrary.

My nominees in descending order (if you need to introduce a cut line) are:

Bruce Armstrong - Strong experience in the forming of the community and deeply involved with Zowe consumers in terms of the offering structure and requirements.
Joe Winchester - Involved since the beginning and broad knowledge across the projects and works with customers and Zowe exploiters on a deeply technical level.
Sean Grady - Clearly a thought leader in the Desktop space, great technical breadth and depth.  Level headed and has changed my mind about several areas I originally thought differently about.
Mark Ackert - Deeply technical and forms the trifecta of technical depth and breadth.  Great experience with the platform, involved with Marist and works well with lawyers :) 
Sujay Solomon - Evangelist for DevOps and the use of Zowe to transform they way customers think about changing their engagement model for z/OS.

For the above I would endorse each of them for a two-year term and if there is more than one company then I trust them to work out who is one-year versus two-year.

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On Feb 5, 2020, at 11:41 AM, John Mertic <jmertic@...> wrote:

Zowe developer community,

We are thrilled to announce that the election process for the Zowe ZLC is ready to begin. The election process is documented at

This election process is unique as we are transition from the Zowe project formation ZLC to a steady state ZLC, we will be re-electing the entire ZLC. With that, 3 of the ZLC positions will be two years terms, while the other 3 will be one year terms.

Schedule for the elections is as follows:

Today - Call for Nominations, email all Zowe project committers
Feb 12 - Nominations close, 11:59pm ET
Feb 14 - Voting period opens, all current Zowe project committers vote, vote by electronic mail or CIVS as appropriate
Feb 21 - Voting period ends, 11:59pm ET
Feb 24 - Election results announced

Starting today, we are accepting nominations for ZLC seats. Each nominee must be a Zowe Committer ( if you are unsure of the nominee's status, feel free to reach out to me to confirm ). The nominations should include:

- Nominee's name and email
- Whether the nomination is for a 1 year or 2 year term
- Background of the nominee and rationale for wanting to serve on the ZLC.

Please note that you can nominate yourself or nominate someone else ( please confirm with that person that they wish to be nominated ).

Thank you and let me know of any questions or concerns.

John Mertic
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