Re: Expiring project Giza dot org domain

John Mertic

Hey Jack!

Adding +Andrew Grimberg and +Daniel Pono Takamori to this thread...

I will keep investigating the possibilities of migrating everything to LF Jenkins. One difficulty we have is the "Jenkins Library" build which will fail on LF Jenkins due to the permission limitation we have. Will see what we can do. The tests for Jenkins Library code is suggested because if it fails, it may indicate every other builds using that branch will fail. The test has to be performed against a real Jenkins server, not a virtual JVM environment because Jenkins handles Groovy scripts differently. The way of testing Jenkins Library is it will try to create a job through Jenkins API and start the build and check result, which is against the permission scheme we have on LF Jenkins.

Can you elaborate on the permissions issues? I thought we had built the environment to align with the existing practices, but wondering if something changed from discovery to implementation.



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