[Zowe Release] - Zowe v1.7.0

Tim Brooks

Zowe Version v1.7.0 Convience Build is now available for download on Zowe.org! Check out the Release Notes to see what's new in the App Server, API Mediation Layer and CLI: https://docs.zowe.org/stable/getting-started/summaryofchanges.html#release-notes

Also, to stay current with on-going community activities and check out the first issue of the Zoweian: https://www.openmainframeproject.org/blog/zowe/zoweian/2019/11/12/zoweian-issue-one-november-2019

For community support you can post a new topic in this list or connect directly with the developer community on Slack: https://github.com/zowe/community/blob/master/README.md#communication-channels

Congrats to the Zowe committers and contributors who have continued to delivery quality releases in a timely manner!!!

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