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Rose Sakach

+1 from me Matt.

Many, many thanks for all that you've done and all that you will continue to do for Zowe.  

Be Excellent!
Best Regards,

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On Thu, Nov 7, 2019 at 11:24 AM Tim Brooks <tim.brooks@...> wrote:
Thank you so much for your leadership! Zowe would not be where it is today with out you, and I'm glad to hear you will continue to be an active member in the community.
Thank you!
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I have had a shift in responsibilities for my day job and as such have not been able to attend to Zowe as much as I think I should be commensurate with my responsibilities.  As such, I’m stepping down from the ZLC; but not from Zowe.
The momentum for what the community is creating is palpable.  Customers are now asking for it to do their own internal development, products are using it and we’ve made substantial progress over the past few years from incubator to open source to a critical part of product offerings and customer consumption.  I’m honored to work with giants such as yourself.  
One of the activities that needs to be done is to replace my seat on the ZLC.  For consideration, I’d like to nominate Joe Winchester for that role.  He is active in the community, driving critical work for packaging via CUPIDS and is the goto guy for so many things Zowe.
John Mertic will help to facilitate the process.
Again, thanks so much.  You are all fantastic to work alongside.

Matt Hogstrom
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