OMP Private Cloud on z IaaS meeting minues

John Mertic

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On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 5:01 PM, Michael MacIsaac <mike99mac@...> wrote:
Here are the minutes I took at today's meeting:

Open Mainframe Project - Private Cloud on z IaaS meeting - June 22, 2018 - 11:00 - noon
Attendees: James V, Len S, Cameron S, Mike F, Barton, Tony N, Bill B, Emily, Rick T, 605 area code, Mike M, anyone else?

No presentations today. Rather, we discussed the goal of creating a document describing the requirements for "Private Cloud on z" with the main focus on z/VM as a hipervisor, but not discounting KVM.

We focused on the document Mike M. put up early in the year.  James V. put the document on "Google Docs".

During the meeting, the following discussion occurred:
  • Security/Login section - Address identity - LDAP vs. Active Directory vs. anything else (first two are the most common)
  • Address R/O vs. R/W - Is authentication required for all access or just for R/W => it is up to the organization
  • Operations => Build system section: Address "build" vs. "Clone" (Kickstart vs DDRing a golden image) => again, it is u p to the organization, but should not be a choice for the end user
  • Include an API to issue arbitrary CP command
Upcoming meetings: 
  • Next meeting July 13th - 11 AM EDT
  • July 19th - Technical Steering Committee meeting - 
Other items to address: Cross-reference with the IBM Open Cloud RESTful API doc
Allocate quotas section - add disk (minidisk vs. FCP?)

For reference - we have two sets of RESTful APIs
  1. The z/VM Cloud Connector  APIs: 
  2. The zoom/zuess RESTful APIs:
API command    type zoom command         Args [opt'l],req'd                  Description
-----------    ---- ------------         ------------------                  -----------
add-clients     rw  zaddclients          [flags],nodeList,[grpPrj]           Add managed Linux systems to the zoom tree
add-cpus        rw  zaddcpus             [flags],jobID,nodeList,numCPUs,[grpPrj]   Add virtual CPUs to systems
add-memory      rw  zaddmemory           [flags],jobID,nodeList,amount,[grpPrj]    Add memory to systems
add-minidisk    rw  zaddminidisk         [flags],jobID,nodeList,vdev,size,[grpPrj] Add a minidisk to systems
build-systems   rw  zbuildsystem         [flags],jobID,hostName,[app],[appType],[CPUs],[desc],[distro],[env],[expMonths],[grpPrj],[memory],[qty] Build a Linux
destroy-system  rw  zdestroysystem       [flags],jobID,hostName,[grpPrj]     Destroy an existing Linux system
find-objects    ro  zfindobjects         [flags],pattern                     Find objects in zoom tree
help-rest-api   ro  zhelprestapi         [flags]                             Show summary of all RESTful APIs
help-zoom-cli   ro  zhelpcli             [flags]                             Show summary of all line commands
list-cecs       ro  zlscecs              [flags],[pattern]                   List CECs in the zoom tree
list-commands   ro  zlscommands          [flags]                             Show all zoom commands
list-cpus       ro  zlscpus              [flags],[nodeList]                  List CPUs on Linux nodes
list-dirs       ro  zls,-a               [flags]                             Show directories in the zoom tree
list-groups     ro  zlsgroups            [flags],[nodeList]                  List zoom groups
list-job        ro  zlsjobs              [flags],jobID                       List the status of the specified job
list-lpars      ro  zlslpars             [flags],[pattern]                   List LPARs in the zoom tree
list-memory     ro  zlsmemory            [flags],[nodeList]                  List memory on Linux nodes
list-minidisks  ro  zlsminidisks         [flags],[nodeList]                  List minidisks on Linux nodes
list-opergroups ro  zlsopergroups        [flags],[pattern]                   List operator groups
list-quotas     ro  zlsquotas            [flags],[pattern]                   Show quotas
list-systems    ro  zlsclients,-J        [flags],[nodeList],[app],[appType],[distro],[env],[grp],[owner],[prj],[sysType]  List Linux nodes
list-tree       ro  zlstree,-a           [flags]                             Show the zoom tree
monitor-job     ro  zmonitorjob          [flags],jobID,[iters]               Monitor the specified job until complete or <iters> 2 second iterations
ping-systems    ro  zpingnodes,-c        [flags],[nodeList]                  Ping Linux systems
power-off       rw  zpoweroffclients     [flags],jobID,nodeList,[grpPrj]     Power off Linux nodes
power-on        rw  zpoweronclients      [flags],jobID,nodeList,[grpPrj]     Power on Linux nodes
purge-system    rw  zpurgesystem         [flags],jobID,hostName,[grpPrj]     Purge the virutal machine of existing Linux system
query-chpids    ro  zqchpid              [flags],[chanPath]                  Query z/VM channel paths
query-dasd      ro  zqdasd               [flags],[rdevRange]                 Query z/VM DASD
query-direntry  ro  zqdirentry           [flags],entry                       Query a z/VM USER, PROFILE or IDENTITY
query-fcp       ro  zqfcp                [flags],[rdevRange]                 Query z/VM FCP devices
query-osa       ro  zqosa                [flags]                             Query z/VM OSA devices
query-pav       ro  zqpav                [flags],[rdevRange]                 Query z/VM PAV devices
query-rdev      ro  zqrdev               [flags],[rdevRange]                 Query z/VM real devices
reboot-systems  rw  zrebootclients,-y    [flags],[grpPrj],jobID,nodeList     Reboot Linux nodes
rebuild-system  rw  zrebuildsystem       [flags],jobID,hostName,[grpPrj],[distro],[desc] Rebuild a Linux system
remove-clients  rw  zrmclients,-y        [flags],nodeList,[grpPrj]           Remove managed Linux systems from the zoom tree
remove-cpus     rw  zrmcpus,-y           [flags],jobID,nodeList,numCPUs,[grpPrj] Remove virtual CPUs from systems
remove-memory   rw  zrmmemory,-y         [flags],jobID,nodeList,amount,[grpPrj]  Remove memory from systems
remove-minidisk rw  zrmminidisk,-y       [flags],jobID,nodeList,vdev,[grpPrj]    Remove a minidisk from systems
run-command     rw  zruncommand          [flags],nodeList,command,[grpPrj]   Run a command on Linux systems
run-cp-command  rw  zruncpcommand        [flags],systems,command             Run a CP command on z/VM systems
set-attributes  rw  zsetattributes       [flags],nodeList,[app],[appType],[env],[grpPrj],[grp],[owner],[prj],[sysType]
start-systems   rw  zstartclients        [flags],jobID,nodeList,[grpPrj]     Start systems with stopped or paused CPUs
stop-systems    rw  zstopclients         [flags],jobID,nodeList,[grpPrj]     Stop or pause CPUs on active systems
sync-systems    rw  zsyncnodes           [flags],nodeList,[grpPrj]           Synchronize one or more nodes by freshening Linux and z/VM data
sync-tree       rw  zsynctree            [flags],[grpPrj]                    Synchronize entire tree by freshening Linux and z/VM data

     -Mike MacIsaac