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Jerry Edgington



Here are some meeting notes.  I understand what you said about where to store the meeting notes, but I am still not sure where to put them. L


Introduction and Welcoming.

Role of Chairperson            - Jerry Edgington

Role of Secretary                 - Jerry Edgington, for now


-          Discussion around direction of the project, and logistics for the project

-          Infrastructure

o    Need license scan to determine what need to change to support Apache II license

§  There is license code from IBM, in the form of IBM’s DBB tool and CICS CLISTs

§  John will run the license scan and inform the group about the findings

§  Team will work to remove any licensing issues found.

o    Documentation 4.0 License

§  This shouldn’t be an issue, since Jerry was the only writing the documentation from scratch


To Dos:

-          John will research about using part of the name Jenkins.

-          If good there, do we want to keep the name zJenkins or change it?

-          If changing it, to what?

-          Setup reoccurring meeting every other week


After the project name is decided:

-          John will work with the creative department to come up with some ideas for logo

-          Setup a slack channel for communications

-          Setup project to use shared Zoom account for meetings


John will send an email to Bob D. at BCU?? To see about using the mainframe for CI builds.


If anyone remembers anything else or I stated something in correctly, please let me know.


Jerry Edgington




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