z/VM upgrade scheduled for morning of 7/24 (ET)

Martha McConaghy

I'm sending this note to the list, plus the other addresses I have collected for projects over the years.  If you are getting two copies of the email, please let me know.  Just want to make sure everyone is aware.

There were no concerns about dates for the outage of the system for the upgrade, so I have decided to try for this  coming Friday morning between 10am and noon ET.  The outage for the upgrade of z/VM to 7.1.0 will be about an hour.  Once it is done and I bring the system back up, most of your servers will start automatically.  Those that have not been configured to do that, will have to be started by you manually.  I will send an email out to the group when I am finished and the z/VM system is stable.  There are no compatibility requirements that I'm aware of for Linux.  However, if you haven't patched in awhile, this is a good time to do it so that the recycle will make them active. 


Martha McConaghy

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