Hardware upgrade and other events affecting servers at Marist

Martha McConaghy

Well, it has finally happened.  Our machine upgrade is a reality.  We will be migrating to a brand new, hot off the line, z15 sometime in late October or early November.  The machine is scheduled to be delivered to Marist by Oct. 21, but it will take us a week or so to get it installed, set up, etc. 

The z/VM hypervisor that hosts your Linux Foundation projects is scheduled to be the first system to move to the new machine.  We want to put an initial workload on the machine that will give it a little exercise, plus can warn us of any issues that we have not anticipated.  So, you all will be our test workload.  Please make sure that you have applied all service that your Linux system might need in order to boot on the new hardware.  Keep in mind, we are jumping 2 levels of processor (the current LinuxOne is z13 class).  The z/VM system will be remaining on release 6.4 for the time being.

I do have to apply some required maintenance to the z/VM system prior to the move.  That will require a short outage so I can recycle the system.  I would like to do this on Friday, Oct. 11 between 11am-noonET (15:00UTC).  If this will cause anyone a problem, please let me know.


Martha McConaghy
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