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Maemalynn Meanor

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As you know, we announced our annual summer internship program today with 9 global interns and mentors from member organizations like Red Hat, IBM, Sine Nominee Associates and SUSE. You can view the press release here:

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.@openmfproject continues to train the next generation of #mainframe #engineers with an internship program & #mentors from member companies @RedHat, @IBMZ, @SNA_USA and @SUSE. Learn more about the #interns & the #opensource projects they’ll work on:

[NEWS] @openmfproject announces this year’s internship program with member organizations like @RedHat, @IBMZ, @SNA_USA and @SUSE stepping up to mentor the next gen #mainframers. Learn more about the projects and the interns:

The Open Mainframe Project continues to train the next generation of #mainframe engineers with its annual internship. Learn more about the interns and the OMP members from Red Hat, IBM, Sine Nomine Associates & SUSE who will mentor them in #opensource projects for dockerHub, Kubernetes and OMP’s Zowe framework

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