OMP Webinar: Ambitus Project

Christine Blum

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Ambitus Project Webinar

In this webinar, we will compare and contrast the open-source environments between Linux on Z, and z/OS. You will learn how much overlap, especially with containerized environments.


We will also discuss the Ambitus project, which helps users with open source workloads specifically on z/OS:

  • A set of containerized workload examples that run on z/OS today
  • Common example tasks for running native (non-containerized) z/OS open source workloads.
  • Z Markup Language: a language-agnostic macro description format and tooling to generate high-level language specifications for control blocks that currently only have assembler bindings.


Speaker: Joe Bostian, IBM z/OS Open Source and Analytics Architect

Joe has spent his career enabling application development on the mainframe,
from the early days of Unix Systems Services through the current open source
era. He has spent several years as part of the Open Data Analytics development
team. He is currently focusing on containerized workloads and the mainframe
open source ecosystem.



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