New 2023 Open Mainframe Ambassadors

Maemalynn Meanor

Hi All: 

Please join us in welcoming this year’s class of new Open Mainframe Project Ambassadors! We are thrilled to have these thoughts leaders and contributors represent Open Mainframe and our projects:

- Boris Petkov
- Caitlin Mooney
- Dong Ma
- Domenico D’Alterio
- Fernando Rijo Ceden
- Jakub Balhar
- Lionel Dyck
- Marcus Davage
- Michael DuBois
- Rune Christensen

You can learn more about our new ambassadors (including several fun facts) here:
To view all of our ambassadors, visit: 

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Thank you!

Maemalynn Meanor
Director of Public Relations & Communications
The Linux Foundation 
ELISA, Open Mainframe Project, Zephyr Project
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