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Christine Blum

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Zowe Quarterly Webinar
Understanding token-based security in Zowe

Zowe API ML leverages various security token types depending on the choice of the identity provider and ESM subsystems deployment options. Join this session to learn how this technology can help you to achieve the exceptional security expected from a modern mainframe system and how to provide great flexibility for client application and mainframe services developers.
This session will give you an introduction to security tokens and recommend best practice when implementing token-based security in Zowe.

  • What is a token anyway
  • How tokens help to enhance API security and fuel cross-platform integration
  • What security tokens exist and what is their purpose
  • Token types used by Zowe API ML and how to choose between them
    • Working directly with SAF JWT token
    • Utilizing z/OSMF LTPA or JWT token
    • Seamlessly exchange .509 client certificate for a JWT
    • JWS signature
  • What tokens are not yet employed in the Zowe API ML ecosystem and the rationale for introducing them
    • Identity token
    • Refresh token

Wednesday, April 21 at 11:30 ET.



Michal Supak

Product Manager, Mainframe Division

CA Brightside APIML, Zowe support  


Joe has spent his career enabling application development on the mainframe, from the early days of Unix Systems Services through the current open source era. He has spent several years as part of the Open Data Analytics development team. He is currently focusing on containerized workloads and the mainframe
open source ecosystem.




Pavlin Zahariev, Broadcom  


As an Architect in Broadcom's Mainframe Division - Open Mainframe Team, Pavlin is responsible for the architecture of products and services to support the internal and external adoption of the Zowe API Mediation Layer. Pavlin is mostly responsible for the design of security concepts and related services. Pavlin brings in the Open Mainframe Team his experience with architecture and design of distributed enterprise security and API management systems that he gained from working in the commercial and financial sphere.


Pavlin joined CA Technologies (a Broadcom company) as a Solution Architect in 2019. In his previous professional lives, he has held a variety of technical and managerial positions in several financial institutions - Senior Software Developer, Solution Architect, Scrum Master and a Project manager.


Living in Prague, Pavlin holds a Master of Science degree in Computer science from the Czech Technical University in Prague. 




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