Join us on January 11 for a Feilong demo

Maemalynn Meanor

HI all:

Please join us on January 11 for a live Feilong demo. See below for more details. 



Happy New Year!  I wish everyone the best in 2023 and hope that your year will include a lot of fun and excitement.

Thinking about fun and excitement for learning, let's devote the January meeting to a live session that will set up and use Feilong.  During the January 11, 2023 hour-long meeting which starts at 9am EST, we will deploy Feilong and time permitting also use the Feilong API to show it interacting with z/VM.

Please plan to join the January 11 meeting.  Do not worry if you are unable to join because the session will be recorded.  The link to the session recording will be posted in the Feilong Discussion mailing list.


Mike Friesenegger

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