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Posted at Wednesday, February 17th 2021, 10:46:22 pm
Announcement URL: https://github.com/genevaers/community/issues/98

It is proposed that we consider use of Gatsby as the documentation tooling for web presentation. To be discussed at the TSC meeting in Feb.

Discussion should be had on User's Guide, Reference, Developer Guide, Impact, Design, etc.

Additional discussion to be held on DITA vs. MD as well.


Posted at Friday, February 19th 2021, 2:30:31 pm
Announcement URL: https://github.com/genevaers/community/issues/99

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Subject: Workbench

Hi All,

reviewing an issue re management of passwords led me to think about the workbench in a more general sense.

We currently do not manage our passwords in a way that will comply with the CII best practices. We keep that passwords locally in a less than acceptable encrypted form.

I partially understand how to fix the issue.

But let's stand back and think about what the workbench is and where we want to go with it. It is a temporary beast. We want to move to a language based approach.

As a step towards that I propose we think of the workbench as an editor. Nothing more. An editor that produces say WB XML files. That can then be processed on the mainframe to generate the run control files and run the performance engine.

As such I think we should remove any password storage from the workbench system. The database behind the workbench should be thought of as nothing more than a clever scratch pad. It remembers stuff.

Similarly the business of logging into the workbench is not really needed. The whole user account and management of internal permissions is pretty pointless. Simple connect to the database and a given environment. Do what you want and export the xml. It can then be stored in source control and re imported at a later date.

Share an environment with others. But treat the workbench just as an editor. Agree how you are going to work together. Do not rely on the tool to sort it for you.

Or maybe just use a local database.... that is then much more like an editor?

This will greatly simplify it and the need for management of accounts etc, All we need is to provide a login screen that makes a connection to the database and takes you to the desired environment.

What about someone accidently deleting things? Yep, a valid concern. Open to suggestions on that one. If whatever is stored in a source control system then it can be restored.

Reply to the group with comments etc. And we can maybe discuss in our coming meetings. Though I think things like this should be sorted outside of a meeting and merely confirmed in the meeting.

Looking forward to hearing from you. We need to figure out what we are going to do pretty soon.


Ian C