PDS of slide from today's project review & reminder to use the new link for tomorrow


Video recording of the annual review, GenevaERS was first. Zowe annual review was the remainder. 

Passcode for the video - *LgQ9G&d

Reminder  - everyone should've received a new meeting invite for the international meeting. It should have GenevaERS weekly international meeting in the title

Don't use links in this calendar for the meeting links, https://lists.openmainframeproject.org/g/genevaers-discussion
You can see the meetings in a calendar in the new tooling at this link - https://openprofile.dev/my-calendar

Although when I tried to attend an active meeting last week (the TAC meeting) the calendar entry did not turn into a URL. I don't know if this is by design, being phased in, or is a bug.

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Hey Andrea,

The recordings aren't personal to anyone; it's a Zoom thing to require a passcode so we just pass that one, so feel free to share that with others.

Thank you,

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On Thu, Aug 11, 2022 at 9:27 PM <theresjustus@...> wrote:
I'll add this to Kip's slide from last year and store in community for future use. I'll also create a PDF to store in community as PDFs display in GitHub web.
I didn't list everything, just top items.

It's not clear to me, with this new meeting system, if the link to the video and transcripts is personal to me (there's a passcode) and the minutes aren't on the TAC site yet so I'll paste the once question I did get from the text transcript.

I was going off memory when I answered, not sure I recalled correctly. The question was regarding containers

Len Santalucia: Any plans for other container technologies, besides docker in the look ahead area

Andrea Orth: The only thing we kicked around is a container that would run.
00:26:11.130 --> 00:26:12.390
Andrea Orth: On Linux on Z.
00:26:14.820 --> 00:26:21.810
Andrea Orth: But it's something like just high level discussion so right now it's just the docker.
00:26:25.350 --> 00:26:30.030
Andrea Orth: devaney suggestions or follow up to that or an area of focus that.
00:26:31.140 --> 00:26:33.060
Andrea Orth: might be helpful.
00:26:35.280 --> 00:26:36.480
Len Santalucia: From my perspective.
00:26:38.100 --> 00:26:44.790
Len Santalucia: You know both Susa and read have okay have continued continued testing technologies.
00:26:46.020 --> 00:26:48.960
Len Santalucia: For consideration here and they're both.
00:26:51.150 --> 00:26:53.190
Len Santalucia: In and around the mainframe so.
00:26:55.350 --> 00:26:57.510
Len Santalucia: Just something for planting a seed.
00:27:00.210 --> 00:27:03.690
Sean Grady: yeah I, I get the impression that.
00:27:05.400 --> 00:27:27.120
Sean Grady: Although docker has become the you know the clean acts of the tissue world that its popularity is waning as more standardization occurs in the space so rather than simply you know docker I think the tournament's like and host ci compatible container is is the new thing to do.
00:27:27.780 --> 00:27:29.700
Len Santalucia: yeah well said.
00:27:32.160 --> 00:27:34.560
Andrea Orth: Why are those yeah but that's good to know.
00:27:39.150 --> 00:27:45.540
Sean Grady: um but yeah I don't I don't have any other specific feedback, other than that this sounds like a good plan yeah.
00:27:47.280 --> 00:27:48.480
Len Santalucia: You guys do a nice job.