Re: Workbench


Thanks for the comments Sandy.

This really just highlights that we do not have a concrete plan for the workbench. Or the rest for that matter.
Just a notion of where we are going.

My thoughts are re the workbench. We have some options.

1. Release the code pretty much as is. Warts and all. And there are many warts.
Not least of which is the topic mentioned -  our unacceptable method of managing passwords.
       Then plan future iterations.
Downside here is that it is pretty limited at the moment and will be of little use.

2. Come up with an initial target set of functionality. Not far from what is there now.
        Remove the password and account dependency.
        Get the basic views working.
        Then plan future iterations.
At the moment Jeff and I are working to address the issues we can see.

3. Wait until it is all working as we desire before releasing.

RE the idea of thinking of the workbench as an editor. I was not proposing it as a direct XML editor. Merely that we think of it as an editor.
It will still, at least in the short term, be a point and click GUI through which you make the existing grids to generate views. Then generate/export a workbench XML 
file or files.

As a process to generate Run Control Files I do however propose that the workbench be used to generate WB XML to be consumed by MR91.
Then the rest of the performance engine can run. And MR91 then does not have to connect to the workbench database at all.
Which is good because to does not connect to Postgres at the moment.

A user should never have to look inside the WB XML. Just think of it as a binary file not unlike the existing VDPs. They are essentially the same.
Just that the content is more easily viewed.

And it is those WB XML file(s) that will be managed in some external github like environment.
And that will act as a backup to accidental changes/deletions.

And in the fullness of time, (think UK TV program Yes Minister) at the appropriate  juncture, we will switch the XML to some sort of language like file.
Which may still be able to generate via the workbench GUI? Or we hopefully will be able to edit views etc in your favourite text editor.

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