Stepping down as co-chairmen of the Feilong project

Mike Friesenegger

Hello everyone,

First of all, I wish everyone a happy and healthy new year!

I started working with the python-zvm-sdk project with the goal of using OpenStack as a self-service portal to z/VM resources.  My efforts connected me with great people at IBM and ICU-IT.  I started my contributions to python-zvm-sdk with a small documentation change which grew into several contributions to make image deployment work better with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.  Since those simple beginnings, the name of the project has changed to Feilong as it came under the Open Mainframe Project as an incubation project. Becoming co-chair along with James Vincent has enabled me to connect with more people and organizations in the OMP community interested in providing an open-source SDK that can be used for infrastructure-as-a-service automation of z/VM.  Thank you to the OMP, IBM, ICU-IT, Vicom Infinity, James and many others that have been involved with and continue to support Feilong.  It is a great privilege to be a co-chair of the Feilong project!

It is time for a new Feilong project chairman.  I do not plan to step down until the replacement has found so there is a smooth transition.  I will continue to stay involved in the project after the new chairman has taken the lead.  Tomorrow, I will announce during the OMP TAC call that a search has begun for a new chairman.

Please contact me if you are interested in becoming the chairman of the Feilong project.


Mike Friesenegger