Help promote the March 19, 2020 meeting

Mike Friesenegger


I need your help to broadcast the message below before the next Feilong meeting on March 19, 2020.  We have more people that have attended a Feilong meeting then the current members on the feilong-discussion mailing list so send this to anyone that you know that has attended a call.

Please join the Feilong project meeting on March 19, 2020 at 12:30 pm UTC/8:30 am EDT.  Nick Snel, an intern at ICU-IT, will present the work he is doing to enhance the python-zvm-sdk codebase.  This will be an exciting call because a user of the Feilong project is working to become a code contributor to the project.  Don't forget to pass this message along anyone that you know that is interested in IaaS automation for z/VM on IBM Z and LinuxONE and would like to see how they can contribute to the project!

Thank you in advance,

Mike Friesenegger

Mike Friesenegger

My apologizes to all who attended today's call because the featured presentation did not happen.  I did not anticipate that the US summer time change would have been an issue.  I will work with Nick to confirm that he can present his effort during the April 2, 2020 Feilong call and will also make sure to verify that any time changes will not be an issue.