2021/01/07 Feilong meeting agenda

Mike Friesenegger

Hello and Happy New Year!

If you missed the 12/10/2020 meeting then I encourage you to watch the recording to see Feilong in action in the hosted developer environment.  The hosted developer environment provides access to a z/VM environment for people to contribute to the Feilong project. How to watch the recording is documented in the meeting notes - https://github.com/openmainframeproject/feilong/blob/master/feilong_meetings/20201210-meeting_notes.md

I also encourage you to join the first Feilong meeting of 2021 at https://zoom.us/j/180998459.  I propose the following agenda items:

- Goals for the Feilong project in 2021
- Getting help with creating developer how-to documentation

Please reply if there are additional items that should be added to the agenda.

I look forward to seeing you!

Mike Friesenegger