Re: September 17 , 2020 agenda for Feilong project call

Mike Friesenegger

Thank you Dong Ma.


On 9/17/20 2:49 AM, Dong JV Ma via wrote:

Hi Mike,

I am sorry I cannot join today's meeting.

Give a quick updates about the CI/CD status, we are still block on the forked repo PR cannot get the Secrets to access Vicom infinity Z infrastructure, we are planning to look at this issue next week with our US CI/CD team, and I will give updates after our discussion.

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"Mike Friesenegger" ---2020/09/17 01:32:37 AM---Hello everyone! The current agenda is:

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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [Feilong Discussion] September 17 , 2020 agenda for Feilong project call
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Hello everyone!

The current agenda is:

- Presentation from 2020 OMP summer internship mentor and mentee about
Ansible automation of IBM Storage project
- Discuss after-the-summer promotion of the Feilong project
- CI/CD and developer environment update

As always, let me know if there is something that you would like added
to the agenda.



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