Re: I will not be joining the August 20 Feilong meeting

James Vincent

I too am not able to attend the meeting - I've had a conflict for the last and this meeting I can not get out of. Len or John, if you are on the call and can help tag someone to take some notes for the record, that would be great.  Thank you!

-- James Vincent

On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 6:45 AM Mike Friesenegger <mikef@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I will not be able to join today's Feilong call. 

Do not let my absence stop everyone from having the meeting.  The main
topic that I planned for today's discussion is a status update on the
testing of the infrastructure for CI/CD and development.  I ask that
someone take notes.  The template located at
can be used as a guide for the notes.  Please send the notes to me and I
will be happy to post them along with a batch from the last several

I will be back for the September 3rd Feilong meeting.



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