Re: Invitation: Feilong project meeting ( every other week ) @ Every 2 weeks from 8:30am to 9am on Thursday (EDT) (

Mike Friesenegger

I took basic notes during yesterday's call which are below.  Please post anything that I missed.

john mertic
ji chen
james vincent
len santalucia
mike friesenegger
stev glodowski
Discuss the role of the project leads
Project Chairperson
Infrastructure transition plan
Determine meeting cadence 
logo -
project chairperson
    voting member of tsc once project graduates
    co-chairs (Mike F and James V)
mailing lists
        invites sent
        consolidate the general and devel lists - john
        private list for internal discussions
CI build environment move 
        currently in ibm labs
        coordinate with LF release engineering team
Additional Infrastructure that needs to be available
        access to z/VM for developers
        package build environment
anyone can attend these meetings
        open to the public
scheduling future calls
        every other week during CI migration
additional future call topics
        future discussion about this project not get stuck in the "weeds"
change z/vm cloud connector name in github to feilong

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