Re: OMP Mentees interested in contributing to the Feilong project


I can help to review a mentee if needed but can't afford to be mentor again this year due to current workload..
Ji Chen
IBM cloud infrastructure center (for z/LinuxONE) architect
Phone: 10-82451493
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Hello everyone,

Len is the only person that responded.  The deadline of April 30 is
quickly approaching if Feilong wants to sponsor a mentee.

Is anyone interested in reviewing the mentee candidates?  Are there any
volunteers to be a mentor?



On 4/20/21 4:53 PM, Mike Friesenegger wrote:
> Hello,
> There are three mentee candidates that have submitted their names and
> interest in contribution to the Feilong project.  Two of the
> candidates have not specified what aspect of Feilong they would like
> to work on.  The third candidate would like to extend the capability
> of the Feilong-Ansible work that was originally completed by a
> previous mentee.
> The Feilong project has until April 30 to decide on a mentorship
> project relating to Feilong, identify a mentor and select a mentee
> candidate.  Please let me know if you are interested in reviewing the
> mentee candidates.  I will send you an direct email with the OMP
> Mentee Applications & Deadlines details including information about
> the mentee candidates.
> Regards,
> Mike Friesenegger


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