2020/10/015 Feilong project meeting

Len Santalucia

Mike and team, I have a conflict. In turn, I will not be attending our 10/15 meeting. Please let me know if you need anything from me prior or after the meeting. See you all at our next meeting on 10/29. Thank you.


Regards, Len

Leonard J Santalucia

CTO | Business Development Manager | Certified Specialist | IBM Champion

Chair Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project

Vicom Infinity, Inc.

IBM Gold Business Partner

21 Penn Plaza (FL6 @ WeWork)

New York, New York 10001




Recipient of The North America IBM Z Business Partner Sales Excellence Award  





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Here are the highlights from this meeting.

  • Introduction of new attendees
  • Thoughts about the OMP Summit
  • Ansible storage automation update
  • Update on use of Vicom Infinity hardware by Feilong

The meeting notes - https://github.com/openmainframeproject/feilong/blob/master/feilong_meetings/20201001-meeting_notes.md - include the link to access the recording.

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