Technical Steering Committee (TSC)

Dave Nicolette

February 18, 2021 TSC Meeting Summary 

We held the kickoff meeting of the Cobol Check Technical Steering Committee (TSC).


  • Rune Christensen
  • John Mertic
  • Dave Nicolette
  • Sandy Peresie
  • Len Santalucia 
John clarified the next administrative steps for onboarding the project into OMP in the Incubation stage, and steps we need to take to graduate, in particular the CII Best Practices badge.

The team named Dave as the technical lead. 

The team discussed topics to be addressed in the near term to move development forward. 

The team agreed on a weekly meeting cadence - Wednesdays at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time. TSC meetings are open to the public. Any interested parties are welcome to join the meeting and offer observations and feedback, even if they are not active team members. 

The team agreed on the general philosophy of enabling Cobol developers to work without a connection to a mainframe while they are working at the unit test level, and to be able to upload their code when they are ready for integration testing and other on-platform development work. 

The OMP wants to see diversity in committers, by which they mean committers should represent different organizations so that the project doesn't have the appearance of being a private venture by a single company. The team took the discussion into the realm of diversity in general, and everyone agreed that we want to encourage people from underrepresentative groups to join the project as contributing team members, on internship programs, or student programs, and to welcome team members from all around the world. 


  • Complete any remaining setup or infrastructure details required by OMP.
  • Begin work toward earning the CII Best Practices badge.
  • Next meeting to focus on feedback from Rune and his team based on their experiences using the proof of concept project, cobol-unit-test. 
  • Next meeting the team will also talk about the general roadmap for adding features to Cobol Check.