Re: COBOL Check TSC meeting ( every week ) - Thu, 02/25/2021 #cal-notice

Dave Nicolette

Great meeting today! 

  • Chris has been working out how to run Cobol Check on a z/OS platform. 
  • Rune shared insights from his team's experiences using the proof of concept project, and we're on track to include their improvements in Cobol Check. 
  • Vicom Infinity has kindly offered to let our team use their lab instance of z/OS to test Cobol Check on the mainframe. 
  • We're on track to handover the repository to the Open Mainframe Project on March 15. 
  • We're on track to release 0.1.0 on March 15. If you filter issues on the 0.1.0 milestone, you can see where the code stands: 

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